Bachelor of Design

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Entry requirements:

/ Online Selection Task /

/ Communication Design /

/ BP 115 /

/ Full-time 3 years /

/ School: Communication /

/ City Campus /

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/ You are a designer and your hands are the greatest tool you have to turn basic elements into something that effectively communicates. /

what is

comm design?

RMIT Communication design is not just a course. It is a community that fosters design thinking, creative learning and encourages diversity. Less hand-me-down design trends and more original and innovative designs for purpose. It is a creative hub where self driven individuals come together to challenge creativity and create change.. You’ll be in good hands taught by industry active staff members to provide you with the skills for a diverse range of career outcomes. RMIT Comm Design is more than a course, it is a lifestyle - waiting at your fingertips.

what is design?

Design is so much more than just aesthetics it’s about giving meaning to something. It’s about experience. The concept transcends the visual aesthetics. RMIT’s Bachelor of Communication Design provides you with the tools that you need to become not just a designer but a thinker.

what will comm design offer you?

The RMIT Bachelor of Design course is designed to be a stepping stone for different areas you can explore and build a multiple skill set. A place to explore your own visual processes and methods of design enquiry. Becoming an independent designer with a strong sense of self, open to innovative thinking and practice. You will also be challenged, inspired and mentored by local and internationally acclaimed designers from industry.

what will you learn?

The ability to create sustainable designs in our fast paced and ever changing modern world is the forefront of what Communication Design will teach you and help you understand. It’s about finding and refining your creative process while taking risks and having creative freedom within specialised briefs, catered for industry experience in various design fields.