/ əˈbout /


/ ˈst(y)o͞odnt /

open day

/ ˈōpən dā /


/ əˈplī /

how to apply








just a heads up

The closing date for the selection activity material submissions is 4pm on Friday 2nd October.

handy tips





/ ˈhandi tɪp /

how do I complete the pre-selection kit?

Submit and describe six images of your work. When describing your images remember that we want to hear why you did the work and why you did it that way, not what you used to produce it.

don't let it get out of hand

Remember: it’s important that your work is shown off at its best, so keep your photos clear and well lit. Make sure all the images you present are in focus and not pixelated.

get some pointers

Use muted soft lighting. With daylight, you can work in open shade, e.g. on your verandah or outside on an overcast day. Do not work in full sunlight as the shadows are too strong. If you use lights, ‘bounce’ the lights off a large white reflector. For example, point them upwards to a white ceiling.

how do I photograph my work

Keep your background simple, with little or no pattern, e.g. canvas or paper rolls. Pure black is too heavy and pure white is too stark, so avoid using them.

Use a tripod and cable release to ensure sharpness and ease in framing the shot. Leave enough space around the object, do not crowd your work in the frame.

what's next?





/ wɒt nɛkst /

don't stress

After the final submissions date for the selection activity kit, you won’t hear about your outcome for several weeks, but don’t stress  - your selection kit is in very capable hands and is being assessed by our experienced faculty members.

what happens if I get the thumbs up?

what should I put in my folio?

Successful applicants will be shortlisted for an interview and folio presentation on the basis of the selection kit. If you’re shortlisted for a folio presentation interview (high five!) you will have an opportunity to show your folio of work and discuss the program.

The staff panel will be looking for a range of abilities including conceptual thinking, problem solving, aesthetic discrimination, flair and technical ability.

These qualities can be demonstrated in numerous ways and it’s not necessary to have a large folio, just a well selected one.

The content of the folios vary depending on the educational experience and the availability of resources to a particular applicant. We are careful not to be specific about the work that should be included as we could unfairly exclude some applicants because they have not had certain opportunities handed to them.


keep these handy hints in mind

The folios should be carefully and cleanly presented in order to enhance the appearance of the work. A laptop is not provided for viewing files on screen.

With works on paper, it is an advantage to mount the projects on one or two standard sizes. Large drawings are best presented flat between some sheets of firm cardboard. It is recommended that your bring photographs of any large or unmanageable 3D work.

know design like the back of your hand

Staff gauge the potential of prospective students at their folio presentation. We recommend that you bring developmental or back-up work to accompany your folio.

Developmental or back-up work are important components for staff to appreciate the thinking and creative processes and also contribute to our decisions.

The applicants who are handed an interview should be able to demonstrate good communication skills, evidence of self motivation and ambition to achieve, as well as a reasonable grasp of the Communication Design program.


important dates





/ ɪmˈpɔːt(ə)nt deɪt /

Sunday 10th

/Comm Design Open Day at

the city campus, Bowen St.

Open from 10am-6pm.

Get your hands dirty and get

applying, the section activity

will now be available.



/Gain the upper hand and get

started on your selection

activity application.






Monday 18th

/VTAC first round offers will

be released.

Be patient if you are not

successful because the

second round offers could be

your helping hand.




/Emails will be sent to

successful applicants which

will include dates and times

for their interview.

Interviews will be held.


/Those who are successful

through the interview process

will have an acceptance email

in the palm of their hands.

Friday 2nd

/Closing date for selection

activity. Acceptance of all

selection activities will end at

4pm on this Friday.

Your applications will be in

capable hands, be patient.

Thursday 4th

/All hands on deck the VTAC

second round offers will be