jackson holloway

/ ˈdʒaks(ə)n / ˈhɒləʊweɪ /

What was your inspiration?

Well the inspiration came from the use of sign language, I don’t know where I actually saw it,

I wrote it down ages ago as like an idea for a future project and then this came up and I just thought it linked in with “skilled hands creative minds”.

So why did you choose that style?

So I recently just bought a Wacom tablet and

I was pretty eager to try that out and I just wanted that clean line that you get form a Wacom tablet and partner it up with the type I used. And the whole layout of the poster is quite minimalist.

Have you changed anyway throughout the course?

Yeah, yeah for sure. Since last year I've definitely found myself more and I'm getting a lot out of it. Definitely learning more about type. I'm becoming more aware about that stuff and I'm always looking to improve my illustration.

Would you give any advice to future students?

I would say come to most classes, if not all. And listen to your lecturers.

How did that concept come about?

I guess that workshop we did when we all said what we thought about comm design and we had all those words like “challenging creativity”, “diverse”, and “strategy” and I sort of latched on to "skilled hands creative minds". Then I was looking through my notes and that came up. So its quite, its not really that deep but I had the idea and it sort of just fit.

What would you call your style if you had to define it?

I like illustration I don’t think its my strength.

I like working with type the farther I go with the course, so type layout, whether that be website or publication or something like that.

Has the course challenged you in any ways?

Yeah for sure biggest challenge in my life. Its full on straight away, conceptually, and what I like most about it is that you have to think you don’t just go away and make something look pretty you have to think about the design.