/ əˈbout /


/ ˈst(y)o͞odnt /

open day

/ ˈōpən dā /


/ əˈplī /

lauren merritt

/ ˈlɒrɛn / ˈmɛrɪt /

Why did you choose comm design?

Well I did visual communication when I was in year 11 and I had just a really great teacher and he really encouraged me to extend my working. I was really inspired him.

How has the work changed from highschool?

I think there's a lot more freedom because you can interpret a brief however you want. I was really struck by how different everyone's work is, like in high school you don’t want to do anything that’s too out of the ordinary, but here everyone really makes an effort to make their own piece personal. It shows how they interpret the brief and I'm really impressed. I love it here.

Has the course opened you up to any areas of design that you weren’t aware of?

Yeah no it definitely has, when I came into do my interview I actually asked them “is this a really specific field? Will I go into this and come out of it as a graphic designer?” Because that’s what the course is. There are so many aspects of design. Like places I didn’t expect it like the film industry, like I feel if you wanted to get into the film industry you would have to do camera work and do a film course but to be like an art director or a production designer, you know I find that its really all based in communication design and how you communicate ideas and characters to an audience.

What kind of classes are you doing?

Well I have current informations that’s all about how to use  colour in your design and who it appeals to. image and identity, that’s more of a practical sort of brief related topic and comm design its just the overall topic I wouldn’t say textbook but a lot of theory. We have specialist on Thursdays so we can either do illustration typography and to give you a taste of what you like for next when you choose your electives.

Whats your favourite piece of work that you’ve done?

For my specialist illustration class I got to create a seed packet. So we had to create an image based on a metaphor of like human growth and how you develop as a human. I really liked this brief because I was free to use different medias. So I did a bit of photography, a bit of collaging, and a bit of computer alterations and I really enjoyed that.

Tell us more about the illustration piece?

Well what I did was I went around in my garden and got a whole lot of foliage and leaves and little snail shells and then I drew a girl in fineliner and I surrounded her in these leaves and I took a photo of it. That was a metaphor symbolising how you develop physically and mentally and you draw inspiration from what's around you in the world and how it shapes you as a person.