/ əˈbout /


/ ˈst(y)o͞odnt /

open day

/ ˈōpən dā /


/ əˈplī /

nyssa skorji

/ ˈniːsa / skɔːdʒi /

Why did you choose comm design?

Previously I ran a jewellery design label and I found the limitations of my design, even though it was really successful,  the profit per piece and the time involved in making them was so marginal that it was all I was doing and I realised that if I wanted to grow as a designer I needed to further my skills. I really wanted to get the piece of paper so I could charge what I thought I was worth.

What was the toughest brief you had to do?

I really found the user interface and the digital side of this course quite challenging, because I’m predominantly a craft based artist and designer. And it seemed frivolous at the time but now I see the importance of it.

Tell us about the brief for this project what did you like about it

The fact that it was pretty open, I found a lot of the other briefs to be quite narrow, but because this brief was so open I was able to create the portfolio site, so I could see the benefit of it. Other than doing something that you don’t care about.

What is your inspiration?

I love the fine details of things, working with paper, and getting really involved in a project. With each object I make I have to break it down geometrically and and reconstruct it physically again and that takes quite a while and I really like getting lost in that kind of work and working with fine details, even though sometimes it's to my detriment and it takes me a really long time to do stuff.

What was the concept and thinking behind the crafting work on your website?

Yep. So the concept behind this, this is actually a mock up this isn’t the final one, but the concept was to represent myself through papercraft so I've got the work and the tools that I use. I'm like a notorious sugarfine and these are Japanese mocha, these are ginkgo leaves which represents that I grew up in Japan and my family live over there and that’s been a really big influence on my style and my colour palette. Yeah so that was the “work play design” aspect behind it.

Do you think you've changed anyway during the course?

Totally, yeah. I think when I started I was quite naïve as to what my skill levels were, and now I think I found a focus. I think its made me a broader designer rather than being like “I'm just gonna craft”.