/ əˈbout /


/ ˈst(y)o͞odnt /

open day

/ ˈōpən dā /


/ əˈplī /

remi picheta

/ ˈrɛmɪ / ˈpɪtʃˈiːtə /

Why did you choose comm design?

Well I came from Adelaide and I had finished doing fine arts and I had a go at being an artist for a while. Wasn’t particularly easy. So I knew I wanted to get into something that was in the creative field but had more job prospects at the end of it. RMIT is a well-known school for design stuff, Melbourne’s a good city, so I upped and moved here. Communication design is a little more interesting, I like the more theoretical aspects of design.

What was the brief?

The brief was "Say Cheese." The first part of the brief was to create a photographic poster that somehow contained the physical aspect of cheese and related to cheese. An example would be basic advertisement for food related things, but I obviously went in a different direction and created a scene of cheese crime where a man was grated alive.

Tell us about the process

Well there was obviously a lot brainstorming and sketching, there were a lot of puns.  I talked to classmates a lot and bounced ideas off of them to see what they liked and try to sort something out.

I never really carved cheese before so I had to see if that was feasible and then the rest floated from there. We got assigned photographers, I was very fortunate and got a really good photographer. He loved the idea he helped me out with a lot of the technical details, the composition and framing and what not. I came with my part of the deal, my cheese figures, and he figured his part out. And then there was that second part of the brief, we had to do a handmade sort of reply to the first poster, it was good, I did a comic book Frank Miller-esque poster.


What was your favourite piece of work that you’ve created in the course?

I did have fun with the cheese brief, working with cheese has always been a dream of mine. Working with a photographer was cool and to have somebody else on hand, especially with that kind of skill set, and to see how good a photo can be and see your idea fully realised in a very professional way was really cool.


What was the main concept behind it?

I like to keep things light and funny as often as I can, I'm not huge fan of formal, I'm not discrediting formal photography or formal design advertising but it’s not my bag. I think I got the idea from that old horror magazine, whats the name of it, Fandango or something, they did a great photographic spread of a gingerbread man getting murdered in different ways. I like Noir-type deals and old cop detectives murder stories. It was an organic flowing idea.

How has your work developed over the time of the course?

I suppose it's become more considered. I definitely spend a lot more time in the brainstorming phases in terms of getting a lot of ideas down and working to eliminate the crap ones until you find the good one. Certainly learned a whole bunch of new skills, obviously technical skills never really used to use computer programs all too much but illustrator’s quite good, indesign is amazing. Never messed around with type my entire life but I've found that I really like type.