/ əˈbout /


/ ˈst(y)o͞odnt /

open day

/ ˈōpən dā /


/ əˈplī /

sasha taylor

/ saˈʃə / ˈtālər /

So why did you choose comm design?

It was like there was nothing really to offer in Brisbane, I know that’s not a great thing to say, it was basically because Melbourne was the place to be and this was the best place in Melbourne so it made sense.

Can you tell us about the brief?

We had to promote ourselves or an idea or an event and you could choose or use any sort of media that you wanted and you basically had to come up with a proposal for how you could do it. So the fact that it was hypothetical made it quite limitless and you could be like “I would display this on a skyscraper” and I decided to do these little ornaments that I could send out as a gift to people who I wanted to work for or just say hello to separate myself from the pack.

What was your favourite brief?

Oh my gosh, it would be probably be the self promotion one we just did. Just because it was so flexible, normally there are limitations, like this magazine has to be about typography or something, so you can't actually do something that you want to, and this one was so free.

Can you tell us about the concept and thinking that went into this project?

I was initially thinking of doing, like, a pretty tea towel and obviously that was a bit basic so I kind of tried to build from that. I was thinking “what are my strengths?" and "what can I give these people that will fit in with what they do?” and they do little useful things like coasters, which was a lot more doable in 4 weeks. So that was my thinking.

What has been the toughest about this course?

Probably being an interstate student is sometimes frustrating, I never regret it because  I wouldn’t really be going anywhere in Brisbane and I know that I did the right thing but it's kind of frustrating only being able to see your friends in Brisbane for a week or two, but fingers crossed they move down. I'd say that’s the most frustrating thing other than that having to spend a lot of money on printing. Or waiting in line at Officeworks.

What was your inspiration for it?

Probably in high school for my final folio basically my entire exhibition was laser cutting it was mostly that because I actually understood what you could do with laser cutting so I was like I was inspured to make this amazing thing. And then probably a lot of the colour palettes that milk and sugar uses are feminine bright colours sometimes neon and obviously I used neon pink. I don’t know if that answers the question too well but yeah that was my inspiration.

What advice would you give for future students?

Do it enroll its worth it id say just have a really opened mind and branch out as much as possible don’t try to oh I know three people and I know my sense of design so I'm good be like try and meet as many people as possible and see what they're doing differently and ask yourself how can I become better side by side with them. Don’t be closed off.

What have you learned from your experience in the course?

I’ve learnt a lot from everyone around me from seeing their assignments and their style and kind of being able to draw from that, not necessarily copy but be opened up to new ideas and new styles.