third years

  • nyssa skorji

    third year

    bunny lover

    pastel fiend

    "I just love the fine details of things and working with paper and getting really involved in a project"



  • remi picheta

    third year

    sings in the shower

    likes adventures

    "I like to keep things light and funny as often as I can I'm not huge fan of formal."



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second years

  • sasha taylor-leech

    second year

    feline enthusiast

    coffee table book collector

    "You appreciate how amazing the assignments are because other degrees don’t get this."



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  • jackson holloway

    second year

    music junkie

    travel aficionado

    "You don’t just go away and make something look pretty, you have to think about the design."



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first years

  • lauren merritt

    first year

    ukulele player

    vintage film buff

    "I gravitate towards historical aspects but I like to rework them into a modern style."



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  • carina bruzzese

    first year


    lover of folk music

    "I always loved creating things and helping people and making people happy."



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